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Seven Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Over Adsense For Bloggers

Seven Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Over Adsense For Bloggers

When the question of blog monetization is first posed, the most obvious answer is Adsense. After all, it’s fast, easy to understand, and comes from one of the biggest companies in the world. affiliate marketing benefits

The only problem with Adsense is that for most bloggers, it’s not all that profitable. The pay per click model sounds fantastic right up until the day that you find out how much you’re actually going to be paid for each one.

As a result, many bloggers eventually look further a field in search of monetization. And for most, this means affiliate marketing. If you’re thinking of joining them, here are seven reasons why you might be on to something.

More Possibilities

One of the primary benefits of Adsense is its simplicity. Copy some code, paste some code and away you go. Unfortunately however, one thing that it definitely lacks is choice. Google decides what ads are displayed and if the CPC is pitiful, you’re all out of luck.

With affiliate marketing, on the other hand, you have choices. You decide what products to promote. And as a result, you have far more control over your profits.

More Freedom to Write About What You Love

Because you’re not restricted to keywords with a high CPC, affiliate marketing allows you to choose from a much wider range of topics when deciding what to blog about. For example, the CPC on bird watching related keywords might be relatively low.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a bird watching informational product to promote. For many bloggers, this increased freedom allows them to change the direction of their blog or even start a second.

Can Monetize Low Traffic Sites

Speaking of pitiful CPC rates, as a general rule of thumb, if you want to make a lot of money with an Adsense site, you need a lot of traffic.

Monetize your blog with the right affiliate product however, and it’s possible to make a decent living with just a few hundred visitors per month. Getting paid per click and getting paid fifty dollars per sale are two very different things.

Quality Becomes More Important

Another thing that I like about affiliate marketing is that your profits are far more dependent upon the quality of your blogs content. Provided a blog is getting traffic, it’s going to make money with Adsense regardless of what you write.

If you want people to actually purchase something from you however, the quality of your words matters. And this can be an excellent motivator for really bringing your blog to the next level.

Less Distracting

If you’re familiar with Adsense, one of the first things that you’ll notice about affiliate links is that they are a lot less intrusive. You don’t need to add massive blocks of links above the fold to increase your click through rates.

Instead, links can be added to your content naturally in the form of text and images. The result is a blog that simply looks a lot more professional.

Eggs in Multiple Baskets

If you want to monetize your blog with PPC, let’s face it, Adsense is the only game in town. It might have its competitors but in terms of payout, they pale in comparison. With affiliate marketing, on the other hand, there’s no shortage of affiliates to choose from.

Because of this, most people who monetize their blog with affiliate marketing work with more than one company. And as a result, they benefit from a much more diverse income stream.

This means that if they get banned from one affiliate program, their income doesn’t dry up over night. And this is obviously not something that Adsense bloggers can claim.

More Money

Finally, we have the most obvious perk of affiliate marketing, the potential to make more money. I say potential because affiliate marketing doesn’t work on every blog. Unlike Adsense, you obviously need to find the right products to promote first.

The upside however is that if you do find the perfect product, the potential profits are so much greater than anything that you could ever hope to make with Adsense. And if that’s not a reason to jump ship, I really don’t know what is.

Author Bio:

Todd Ramos is a renowned SEO guy, having many years of experience in the SEO industry who shares tips and advice on website promotion online. He enjoys reading in his free time.

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The Discussion

  1. Hi, Joseph
    Nice information. I was started my career with adsense, It gave me stability but i wanted to something big. So i started my career with affiliate marketing. So in my point of view you are right. Affiliate marketing is better than adsense.
    Gauri recently posted..Comment on Testimonials by adminMy Profile

  2. Yes you said it right bro.Affiliate marketing is more helpful for a low traffic blog.If you are putting some good products for your targeted audience then you could easily make some good amount of money.Adsense are most suitable for good traffic blogs.Advantage of affiliate marketing over adsense is the ability to monetize low traffic sites.Thanks for sharing this great information with us!
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..Nvidia Tegra 4i- SmartphonesMy Profile

  3. Great Information. I Like affiliate marketing very much..

  4. Hi Joseph

    You’re absolutely right that affiliate marketing has many advantages over Adsense as your primary income source. But to make a blog which can generate affiliate income is very difficult. I only suggest some one to come up with an affiliate blog if the person has lots of patience because these kind of blogs generally takes more time to generate income than a Adsense blog.
    Tauseef Alam recently posted..Distance Learning MBA in IT (Information Technology) from SymbiosisMy Profile

    • Hi Tauseef,
      Generating income from affiliate marketing is not that difficult if you can provide value to your readers. If you readers love the content you produce and the value you give to them, they will surely buy products that you recommend.
      I think where the hard part is will be getting people to trust you and making them to buy from you. But this can be achieved by providing value.
      Joseph Adediji recently posted..Spy on Anyone -Viber Tracking comes to StealthGenie!My Profile

  5. Yes, exactly as you said. I tried Adsense before but the results are not so good, now I try affiliate program and the results are good enough for me who are beginners. I always try to be a good blogger :)
    Thanks for this great information
    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted..Solid Advertising Advice For Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  6. Yeah, you are right. Affiliate marketing is good in many way. It needs to get approval from Google, before using Adsense and many time getting approval is not easy. But affiliate marketing gets instant approval and sometimes they are more paying than Adsense. I am using affiliate marketing.

  7. Adsense is great though, I make some good passive income from it (not quick my job levels of income, but still).

    I put Adsense on niche sites like gaming, advert sites and information based niches. Affiliate marketing just doesn’t work on topics like that from my experience because the traffic isn’t necessarily going to be people interested in buying anything.

    That being said though amazon review websites with affiliate links are the best income and how I have made most of my money online.

    I guess it depends on your website style and topic, but overall solid information and a good read :).

  8. Great article.

    I actually chose the other route and started with affiliate marketing. I’ve heard so much hype about Adsense that I was considering looking into it and maybe giving it a try. Now that I’ve read the above I might change my mind about that, or at least I can make a more informed choice. A few pennies per click really doesn’t compare to £30 – £50 for making a sale.

  9. No doubt targeted traffic can bring far better results than Adsense. Affiliate marketing rocks…!