HTC One X+ Review and Specs

HTC One X+ Review and Specs

HTC One X+ is the HTC Phone of the year and is one of the best smartphones manufactured till date. This Smartphone from HTC is beautifully designed, light in weight that uses the latest Android 4.1 jelly Bean operating x+

The price of the Smartphone is higher though, but certainly looking at the design and features, it feels like spending 40k INR on HTC One X+ is worth investing.

Display and Design

HTC One X+ comes with a 4.7 inch display screen. It comes with a resolution of 1280*720. One of the best thing about this phone is that design is not reflective which means you it wont be difficult for you to check the mobile under Sunlight.

The design of the phone looks impressive. On the bottom there are 3 touch keys-  on the right is the RECENT APPS, on the left is the BACK key, and in the middle is the HOME button.

The curve body of HTC One X+ makes it easier to hold with a single hand and operate.

The earpiece grille is on the top. Like the other smartphones, the Power button is on the top. On the left side of the phone is the microUSB port. The volume rocker is on the right hand side of the Smartphone.

Talking about the back side of the phone, there is a large size camera with LED flash that projects out which might be troublesome sometimes when placed flat. This might develop some scratches in the lens. Beneath it, there is the HTC logo.

The speaker is at bottom of the back side


HTC One X+ comes with a 8 MP camera. The image quality is similar to Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The images look brighter because of the healthier display.

IT also has a 1.6 MP front camera which is very effective for video calling. For those who loves to video chat, HTC One X+ can be a real experience.

HTC One X+ can record high definition videos of 1080p at 30fps.


HTC One X+ is powered with 2100mAh battery which provides extra long hours to talk or listen to music or watch videos. The phone can run for one and half days easily once fully charged.


The phone comes with 1 GB RAM. Besides that, the Smartphone from HTC comes with 64 GB inbuilt storage. Unfortunately, there is no microSD slot in this phone.

Operating System

The Smartphone runs on Android’s latest version- 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.


Compared to the 1.5 GHz processor of HTC One X, this time One X+ has got 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 quad core processor.


HTC OneX+ is faster than the previous One X.


  • Good Camera and Picture Quality
  • Latest Operating System


  • Expensive
  • Camera projecting out


HTC One X+ costs around $802.22 or 40190 INR in the Indian market.


HTC One X+ is highly recommended phone for those who can afford to spend $802.22 or 40000 INR easily. The Smartphone from HTC is the second best Smartphone of the year after Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Everything about the phone is very impressive. What is your thought about HTC One X+? Share with us under comments.


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    So, my opinion is that a good front camera is a great+. All my friends including me myself, complain of a poor quality of our front cameras video. So with this smart phone, I hope Skype video chats will get better..
    Secondly, new powerful proc is a huge advantage, though they still can’t make good long-last batteries))
    Price?)) – It’s ok.

  2. says

    The new phone on the block is definitely here to create ripples. The design of the phone is just amazing. It is an affordable purchase with great features. Thanks for sharing this great review.

  3. says

    Seems like another user friendly handset by HTC. I find HTC somewhat an alternative to Apple when it comes to choosing smartphones. Thanks for the review.

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    Thank heavens for the smart phone. I was considering to replace the one i’m using now since it’s a bit of an “old” model. I’ll look into the HTC One + X again, thanks for the review.

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    hmmmmnnn….. Good phone…. It has all i want in an android ….. Will like to have one of this one daay .The new phone on the block is definitely here to create ripples. The design of the phone is just amazing. It is an affordable purchase with great features. Thanks for sharing this great review.

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    Currently i’m using HTC Wildfire S. It is working great for me. But i’m thinking to get new samsung cell phone. I think S3 will be perfect for my budget. :)

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    well written review.
    These days everyone is talking about specs and benchmarks but people please note that these don’t mean much. Software is the main part when you talk about performance.
    Even a quad core phone with a poor coded software will perform inferior to a dual core smartphone with properly optimized firmware.

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    I think this smartphone worth every time and money. I like your review on it, i think i will go for it.
    Thanks for sharing

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    i think now market is getting back of the HTC : i have seen its video its an amazing fone having great features some where i saw its battery is way better then some other HTC Phones . i will buy this phone when it comes to the market HTC One X a phone of Android Generations

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    Just a recommendation though. BTW, I like your blog. Keep up the good work.
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    I’m seriously considering upgrading from my old HTC Velocity 4G ( has reception issues since last update) to this phone, cheers for the details.

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    I’ve just got the HTC One and I can say it is the best phone i have ever had and as well it is also one of the best looking phones I’ve ever had as well.

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    I am little confused with HTC One X+ and Galaxy Grand Which one should i choose i don’t know. I am going to buy a android phone but after few research i got your post I think its make me clear. Thank for the post!!!

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    This kind of appears like an extremely cool mobile phone.. I just purchased some sort of Sony 1.. but the capabilities below looks more appealing..

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    This HTC smartphone is one of the best mobile devices. I am lucky and I have used it! The features that has gives you the possibility to do everything! It’s truly amazing! Especially, if you have Headphone Monster Beats by Dr.Dre.

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    Cool features and awesome design. The picture quality is good. But i always worried about the charges of HTC Phones.Otherwise its a great phone.