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7 Recipes for Writing Great Blog Comments

7 Recipes for Writing Great Blog Comments

Blog commenting is one of the most important aspects of blogging that you should not ignore, because it can be a source of Traffic, Backlinks and relationship building for you. Bloggers and internet marketers have seen the value that blog commenting gives and hence, they resort to various unethical means of building backlinks via blog commenting.

Spammers have now taken over the internet world and this issue of blog spammers have become so worrisome in recent times and this have made most bloggers/blog owners to become more strict when it comes to comment moderation.

Blog owners are not interested in the junk and spam comments, what they need are honest feedback from their loyal readers. I personally, and I know most bloggers too do not fancy the regular SPAMMY comment format such as: “GREAT POST”, “NICE BLOG”, “GREAT ARTICLE” e.t.c.

These kinds of comments usually end up in my trash folder and I believe most bloggers will do the same.

From my experience, writing great comments is not that really hard, but for those that don’t know what a great comment entails; this post will be of help to commenting

I will be sharing with you 7 Recipes for Writing Great Blog Comments, these tips will help you to write great comments that get approved and can also drive traffic back to your blog.

So, here we go!

# 1.     Don’t Use Keyword in Name Field

A great blog comment should have an identity and that identity is your name. As I always say, “Putting keywords in your name field is like having a placard that reads “SPAMMER” on your Forehead”.

The first thing that can piss off a blog owner is when you leave a comment without your real name, no matter how valuable that comment may seem, this little mistake can automatically send your Comment to the trash folder.

Bloggers want to know their readers, they want to build a connection with you and this cannot be achieved if your name is missing and you look like a bot. so, start making sure that you use your real name in comments Name Field (First name is okay), and always avoid the temptation of using keywords instead of your real name.

#2.      Ask For or Add a New Information

Asking a question or adding new information in your comment is a very important recipe for writing great blog comments. There is no way you will ask a question or add new information and look like a spam bot.

The truth is that spam bots and spammers don’t “ask questions” or “add new information”; all they care about is the backlinks they want to build. Asking a question or adding new information gives room for interaction and this can be also beneficial to you if you want to generate some buzz and traffic to your blog via commenting.

#3.      Don’t Drop Links in Comment Field

I believe the URL field is enough for any links that you may want to drop ;-) (I know spammers may disagree with this), the comment box is meant for your comment and your comment only; dropping links in this box is unprofessional and it “raises a spammer alert’ on you.

If you want to get your comment approved, strive to avoid being tempted to drop links in the comment field/box, if you comment is great, people will naturally click through your name to find out more about you.

#4.      Use Correct Spellings and Grammars

A great comment should be grammatically correct as much as possible and it should also be void of slangs. Writing good grammar in your comment is great for branding, it portrays you well in the eyes of other people that will be reading your comment.

You should also avoid slangs because it is not everyone that will come across you comment that will understand the slangs you are using, and this may hinder them from understanding and learning for your comment.

So, it is advisable to avoid slangs, but you may use the common ones once a while LOL :-D

#5.      Write Relevant Comment

Your comment must be relevant to the post you are commenting on else it gets into the trash. A comment box is not a place for rants, ramblings or indirect advertising of your product and services.

Make sure you always write comments that are meaningful and concise with the topic at hand, this is very important if you want your comment to get approved.

The Benefits and Power of Blog Commenting

#6.      Compliment the Writer

There is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due, so if the post has been helpful to you, feel free to express your feelings  by complimenting the author of the post, but don’t form the habit of making compliment and praises you commenting strategy, because this is the most common strategy used by bots and spammers.

Compliments works well when you mix it up with other recipes mentioned in this post.

#7.      Proof Read and Edit before Submitting

Proof reading your comment before submission is very important, we all know how well our computer keyboard and mobile keypads  can mess with us while typing especially when we are in a hurry to express our feelings.

Proof reading will help you to find spelling errors and grammar mistakes in your comment, and you are to edit them and make your comment look great.

So, here we are, we have been able to analyze the 7 recipes that make up a great comment. If you use these ingredients, am very confident that you will get much more from your commenting campaigns.

For those that don’t know how to write great comments, I hope your question has been answered via this post; if you have any other tips, kindly share them in the comment section.

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The Discussion

  1. Well this is great but nowadays it is very hard to get comments approved easily specially on wordpress, while on blogger it is easy.

    • You can get comments approved easily if they are informative, and does not look spammy. I dont believe it is hard to get comment approved.

    • comment related to the topic and theme increase the chance of approval by moderator and its a proper way of exchanging views,ideas and learning process thanks for the important note

  2. one of the most important thing when blog commenting is write relevant comment and do not write general comment (like “thanks for posting”, “nice information”, etc). And if possible give positive suggestion to the posting.

    Blog commenting is not only about link building but also make community in your niche. 7 recipes above are great tips to make great blog commenting

    thanks for posting Joseph

  3. I’ll definitely take note of this. These tips should be practiced and practiced. Over time it’ll be all natural!

  4. Thank you for these tips! I’ll be sure to put them into action soon. Merry Christmas!

  5. Correct grammar and spelling is a must. Or else, you might not be noticed by the writer or, he’ll just ignore you.

  6. I actually find dropping links to be a major turn off. I mean, if you care to visit my own blog, feel free to do so. A good writer makes great articles, not dropping links.

  7. Thanks for mentioning wonderful notes for making comments easy to publish as the comment looks natural will be of great help in back links cheers

  8. “Compliment the writer”?)) I think a commentator should be objective while commenting. Commenting is an idea expression. I sometimes even criticize writers for their being faulty in judgments and opinions. So there’s nothing wrong with polemic. Smart people search for truth while arguing))

    • You are right william, that is why i said give credit where credit is due, if you have a contrary opinion to the writers opinion, kindly share your views using the comment form on the blog.

  9. well said Joseph, all these points must be considered while commenting :) I personally follow all these from the day when i started blogging.. As you don’t want spammers to comment on your blog, the same other bloggers also don’t want.
    thanks :)
    vipin soni recently posted..Microsoft Xbox 360 best-selling gaming console for straight two yearsMy Profile

  10. Thanks Joseph, great article. Completely agree with you here. I hate having a load of spam come through to my blog with just blatant keywords plugged into it. Have too many come through related to Viagra, etc (not sure if they’re trying to tell me something haha!).

    Thanks again, some great points made here.