How To Add Auto Read More/Post Excerpt To WordPress Blog

How To Add Auto Read More/Post Excerpt To WordPress Blog

Displaying post excerpts on your WordPress blog homepage is very important, gone are the days when full blog posts are displayed on a blogs homepage. Having posts excerpt or read more on your blog homepage will help you to maximize your homepage space and also help to reduce your blog bounce rate.

We all know WordPress design is based on  themes and most themes don’t usually have a Read More or Post Excerpt feature, some that have may not have a fully functional Post excerpt feature and thus there is a need to find a way to get what you desire for your blog. auto excerpt everywhere plugin

When I just got on WordPress, finding a “Read More” plugin was not easy at all, all the plugins I was installing and testing were not working, my blog blog remained the same some of the plugins even added the read more after the full posts have been displayed ;-) but fortunately I was able to eventually find one that works well regardless of your blog theme or framework.

In fact, am currently using this plugin on this blog to complement my current theme default capability. The plugin I recommend for Post Excerpt feature is Auto Excerpt Everywhere plugin, this read more plugin will automatically add read more to your blog posts and it works well regardless of your theme or framework.

It has a nice plugin admin page where you can adjust its settings like changing the read more text to whatever you prefer, add post thumbnails and and changing the post excerpt length. So, if you need the post excerpt feature for your blog, download this plugin and install it.

Yo can search for it via your blog dashboard and install it there. I hope this post help you to solve your blog read more issue. If you have any question, addition or testimony, kindly drop them in the comment section.


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    as i will always say your blog is a living testimony…
    have been thinking of how to do this but the plugin really suprised me on my news blo…

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    I agree with you. Excerpts are important for every blog post. This is a great guide you have shared, Joseph. I love WP for its excellent features..

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    Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates.Great Job,Keep it up