SSL: Protect Your Domain and Website

secure your domain

A business website has many small parts that add up to the whole picture your visitors and customers will see. In order for everything to work as it is supposed to, you will want to cover all your bases when it comes to visual appeal, content, selection of products and security. When all of these elements come together, your visitors will see a site they can enjoy and trust with their payment information.  If Continue Reading [...]

A Quick Overview of SEO


Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine. Visibility comes from the users who search a keyword for their problems or query. Getting organic or unpaid traffic is the key and the main reason to perform the SEO technique.  SEOr may target different kinds of searches like image search, local search, academic search, video search, Continue Reading [...]

6 Ways To Use Hashtags To Your Blog’s Benefit

In the social media sphere, seeing people use hashtags isn’t really anything new. But for blog owners, it’s about time that you get into all this the right way. Hashtags can be a very helpful tool to promote your blog, and here’s how to take advantage of them: 1. Create Your Own Custom Hashtags Using hashtags is a way to categorize Twitter tweets and Instagram images. This will make it easier for Continue Reading [...]

Social Media Tips for Marketers


Social media refers to actually interacting with people by which they create share and exchange information and ideas with virtual communities and networks. It is actually defined as group of internet based applications that are built ideologically and technically on web 2.0.There are many social media sites like Wikipedia, twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Digg, daily motion, second life etc. Twitter Twitter Continue Reading [...]

Basic Steps for Creating a Social Marketing Advertising Campaign

Many marketing managers are personally experienced with Facebook and often have great ideas about how to optimize this powerful social networking platform to enhance business and increase revenue.  Others may not necessarily have that level of expertise, but they do have a lot of knowledge of traditional marketing strategies, including the use of websites and click-through campaigns.  They can extend Continue Reading [...]

Why Google is the Hero and Not the Villain


Much like any superhero, Google is often misunderstood by its people. Google’s responsibility to humanity is so vast, its reach so wide, that people begin to fear its power and critique its methods. They try to fight against the power of Google. What we as consumers, site owners, and web browsers alike need to understand is that Google is here for the good of the people, a beacon of hope to save Continue Reading [...]

Infographic: How People Use Cell Phones To Kill Their Time

cell phone

Cell phone is increasingly becoming a part of human life that we can’t do without. So, we created this is an Infographic that describes How People Use Cell Phones To Kill Their Time.     This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupons) and JosyLad (Tech Blog) You too can embed this infographic on your blog by copying the codes below.   <img Continue Reading [...]

Download Links for BBM for Android App – Download BBM to Your Android Phone


It is no longer news that BlackBerry Messenger is now available on Android Devices and a lot of people have started using the app to ping their friends. Though as at the time of writing this article, the BBM messenger for Android app is not yet available official at the Google Play store, but as you know, there will always be a leak of stuffs like this since a lot of people are eager to have it. A Continue Reading [...]